5 Gorgeous Rose Gold Blonde Hair Color Ideas

If you are a girl or a women who loves having dreamy hair colors, don’t ignore this article of us. Today, Harmony Hair would like to introduce you one of the most trendy and attractive hair colors that can make your appearance become full of freshness. It is rose gold blonde hair dye.

As its name, you can feel that this color is really bright and luxurious. It can help you look outstanding and self- confident at any event no matter that it is an active outdoor event or an important prom. Have you still wondered about that? Let’s check it out right now!

Hair Extensions Rose gold blonde hair

1. What is Rose gold blonde hair?

This amazing color is a gorgeous shade of rose gold hair color. It is the perfect combination between blonde and metallic pink color so as to make the new image. Sometimes, hairstylists want to exploit and create this color by adding some hints of coppery red or platinum shades to make newer ones. Thanks to that, we have more impressive styles that meet demand of millions of girls all over the world.

Shades of rose gold blonde hair are all bright and dazzling so that their effects are very impressive when being applied on hair. Although they are light colors, their look are not too radiant like shades of red or silver. Colors are very soft, harmonious and extremely suitable for young women.

Hair Extensions What is Rose gold blonde hair

To have shades of blonde rose gold hair, you have to bleach and dye hair for many times. They can unintentionally damage your hair if you don’t take care of them frequently and carefully. Thus, in some cases, you can use hair extensions instead. You can both have nice styles of rose gold blonde hair and don’t make your hair meet trouble. Please contact Harmony Hair for finding beautiful and natural real human hair extensions if you care more.

2. Creative styles of rose gold blonde hair

Rose gold champagne blonde hair

How do you think if we combine rose gold color with champagne blonde shade? It must be the interesting choice that can make your appearance become more attractive than ever. when being mixed, your hair will have the light shade which is not too outstanding as the basic hair color but it is impressive enough to differentiate it from the others.

Because of not being too rebellious, it is the perfect choice for young girls loving mature and graceful images to take part in some occasion they want. Trust in us! This shade will actually make you become the most wonderful girl without posturing too much in the crowd.

Hair Extensions Rose gold champagne blonde hair

Rose gold strawberry blonde hair

This is also a popular shade because of its outstanding effect on hair. It is like ginger hair but a it softer and lighter. This color is very suitable for girls who want to display their personality in the clearest way. You can make some more hair layers or hair waves to make good highlights on hair without worry that they will make hair become more tangled and messy. This shade is extremely impressive and trendy so that it will never make your appearance look tedious.

Hair Extensions Rose gold strawberry blonde hair

Rose gold hair with blonde highlights

Shades of blonde are always ideal choices for being highlights on hair. Instead of choosing balayage hairstyles as common, making big blonde highlights helps both colors look bright in the most natural way. No matter which length size your hair is, the wonderful combination of these two hair colors will actually give you the most beautiful appearance.

Hair Extensions Rose gold hair with blonde highlights

Rose gold to blonde hair

This is also another style with blonde highlights but its effect is much clearer. We can also call it as rose gold and blonde ombre hair. Shades of blonde hair is lighter than rose gold hair color so that it is more suitable when being dyed on hair ends. Don’t forget to curl hair to make hair become more voluminous and attractive!

Hair Extensions Rose gold to blonde hair

Blonde to rose gold hair

This style is contrasting than the above mentioned one. It is rose gold on blonde hair. Instead of having this impressive shade on common black or brown hair, keeping it on blonde hair is different but try- worthy. However you shouldn’t combine it with light or platinum blond shades because it can make unexpected bad results. Using a deep and dark blonde hair color may be the best suggestion. Your hair will be still bright without making offensiveness.

Hair Extensions Blonde to rose gold hair

We hope that you will  feel satisfied with our suggestions of rose gold blonde hair. Don’t forget to visit us frequently to update the newest hair trends. For people who have thin and weak hair, you can choose to apply colored high quality  hair extensions from Harmony Hair. We make sure that you will never be disappointed.

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