Top 7 ways to care for curly hair extensions for American women

A lot of people think that curly hairstyle is old, however, in fact, there are many curly hairstyles suitable for women. It helps women look younger perfectly. In addition, these hairstyles will help you to build the image of the modern woman. Most women often like long straight hair without knowing the beauty that curly hair brings to them. In this article, you can choose your favorite curly hairstyles to change your appearance perfectly. In addition, you also know a few more benefits when using curly hair extensions.

Some notes to have a beautiful curly hairstyle

To choose a beautiful curly hair extension, we need to keep a few notes in mind as follows:

▸ For long faces, choose a slightly curly, or cupped hairstyle.

▸ For round faces, the appropriate choice would be a bob hairstyle, curly hair, or curled tail.

▸ For square faces, suitable hairstyles will be shoulder-length hair, long hair with layers, or attractive curls.

▸ Most middle-aged women often choose hairstyles without bangs or long bangs. However, to create accents and youthfulness, a thin or flat bang is also a good idea. Not only have an aesthetic effect, but these types of bangs also help the face become more harmonious and balanced.

Some curly hair extensions

Not too short nor too long, the classic curly hairstyle will give you a gentle look. Hair needs to be neatly trimmed and curled in layers towards the outside of the face. Combined with bangs, you will have a youthful appearance but still extremely attractive. If you have naturally curly hair, trim it to a length that suits your face and add a hair gel if needed. If your hair is straight, you can use a curling iron to style. After curling, you use your hands to remove the curls so that the hair looks thick, naturally curly, and not rigidly curled. For middle-aged people, you should choose curly hair extensions that can hide the corners of your face. It also gives you a luxurious look.

Hair Extensions the classic curly hairstyle

As you get older, your hair will become thinner, and curly hair extensions will be a useful solution that can help you be more confident with your appearance. They do not need to be taken care of like real hair and you are still as beautiful as when you were young.

Hair Extensions As you get older curly hair

Everyone has a different body shape and appearance, so you should not compare yourself to others. You may not be tall, do not have attractive curves but you will still “shine” and attract all eyes if you know how to choose the right clothes for you. Likewise, if you have a slightly square face or a heart-shaped and angular face, long hair with soft curls will be the appropriate accent. Hair is curled starting from ear-level down, soft curls are slightly stretched, not too curly to create a gentle look that contrasts with the angular features of the facial bones.

Hair Extensions Curly hair extensions Hair is curled starting from ear level down

For ladies with a large face, a curly hairstyle will be a hairdo that helps to hide flaws and soften the contours of your face. Moderately long curly hair creates a classic beauty and, importantly, is not too difficult to take care of.

Hair Extensions Top 7 ways to care for curly hair extensions for American women

Curly hairstyle has never lost its charm, whether it is beautiful, young girls or middle-aged ladies who love nobility. The curls of hair extensions create an irresistible attraction. Curly hair always promotes its effectiveness when it can be combined with different face shapes.

Curly hair cares

Hair Extensions weave romantic curly hair black color

Limit the use of styling tools at high temperatures

Normally, in middle age, our hair mostly becomes thinner due to the aging process, hair is more prone to breakage and weaker. Therefore, to protect and help hair stay healthy, it is essential to limit the use of styling tools at high temperatures. Instead, regularly use high-quality hair care products to better nourish your hair.

Scalp massage daily

Daily scalp massage not only helps to relax the spirit but also helps the hair to be healthier. Because, when massaging, the blood on the scalp will be circulated better, helping to stimulate the natural hair growth process quickly. To achieve high efficiency, you can combine scalp massage with natural essential oils such as lavender oil, grapefruit essential oil, etc.

Good vitamin supplements for hair

For your curly hairstyle to be beautiful and healthy, pay attention to the addition of B vitamins and micronutrients. These vitamins will help maintain the natural hair color and limit the graying process.

Scientific activities

Take the time to rest enough to keep your mind at ease. Limit long-term stressful work. Start healthy hobbies such as playing sports, listening to music, exercising regularly, etc. to maintain a healthy body. This is also a way to make your curly hair healthier and shinier.

Use a low pH shampoo

In fact that the excess oils accumulate around the hair follicles damage the hair roots and loss of hair. Therefore, choose shampoo products with a lower pH to prevent permanent hair loss.

Apply a hair mask every week

If you do not have enough money to pay for expensive hair care products, using natural ingredients is a wise choice. There are many highly effective and natural ingredients that you can use as a hair mask.

Add protein to your hair every day

In addition to taking care of hair from the outside, adding protein to nourish hair from deep inside is also an important note. Make a weekly menu to change your taste. Many foods contain nutrients that are good for hair. So you do not need to worry too much that you will be bored by the same dishes every day.


Choose the right curly hair extensions for you to become the most beautiful woman.


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