Fusion hair extensions Pros and Cons

Hair extensions are often known as incorporations of hair. They are used for adding to one’s hair’s length and thickness. The hair extension could be divided into 2 product lines: cold fusion or hot fusion. Cold fusion is not involving heat such as clip in hair, tape-in hair, weave hair extensions and hot fusion, as the name says, involves heat like Keratin hair extension (U, V, Flat tip,..). Hot fusion hair extensions are also called keratin hair, Flat tip, U tip, V tip, hot-fusion, pre-bonded extensions, use heat to melt the keratin to stick to natural hair. In this discussion today, HarmonyHair will look insight into pros and Cons of fusion hair extensions.

Hair Extensions hair extensions pros and cons harmony

Pros of fusion hair extensions

For each types of hair extension, there are advantages and disadvantages for you to consider which is the best for your hair, your budget and your dream hairstyles. We will start with the advantages first.

Hair Extensions Fusion hair extensions Pros and Cons keratin hair scaled

  • Keratin is safe for users because our hair consists of 90% keratin, so it’s a more preferable option than regular glue.
  • The spot with connection stays invisible because the bond is transparent but strong enough to hold locks. Once keratin penetrates the strand texture, it becomes unnoticeable – people won’t define the place of attachment. Some manufacturers even started offering extensions with the U-tip colour imitating natural colour. However, it’s not necessary – capsules are really hard to notice by an untrained eye.
  • U-tip strands can be attached to short locks. It can be placed very close to scalp, and the colour differences won’t be distinguishable. Since it’s a meticulous process, masters can attach such material to the most hard-to-fix spots.
  • Durability is a competitive advantage. Did you know how long do fusion extensions last? Such material is worn for about six months. Thanks to keratin bond, strands are attached more strongly, and even bulky ones hold long enough.
  • Lifelike appearance and comfort. When the lock-by-lock approach is applied for extension, such locks are not felt so much by the clients. They do not irritate the scalp and do not add any sensible weight and pressure. Besides, fresh & natural appearance is guaranteed – no one can notice the difference before and after fusion extensions being applied.
  • This is a versatile item: it allows for doing any comb-out (ponytails, braids, straightening, or curls). Virgin material withstands chemical and thermal processing, including colouring. The quality stays pretty much the same.
  • Relatively low price. U-tips require less time and money for production, which makes the procedure itself less expensive. A low price tag does not mean lower quality in this case.

Cons of fusion hair

Hair Extensions Cons of fusion hair

  • Long application time. The application is time intensive and takes anything between 2- 4 hours. This could be hurdle for busy women, but if you can spend this amount of time for hot fusion hair extension, the result will never let you down.
  • Hot fusion hair extensions are best suited to thick, coarse hair, because these kinds of hair could hide the bonds best. As said above, nowadays many modern fusion hair is in high quality which can support the straight hair. Making sure that you question the providers at this point.
  • You cannot blow dry, apply iron or heat the bonds directly. This is considered as weakness of fusion hair. You should pay attention to the bonds anytime you blow dry or apply any hair hot tools, that could be inconvenient at first time but you will get familiar soon.
  • You cannot swim with fusion hair extensions. It’s sad fact. When you swim, the roots of your hair will be twisted strongly but your hair strands is tied in the bonds, they couldn’t free the twist as usual. Therefore, swimming with fusion hair extension could damage the roots of your hair.
  • Could be damaged if you washing your hair too long. There are some high quality water resistance keratin glue but most of the keratin bonds shouldn’t be sunk in water too long. Water with hair conditioner will weaken the bonds and make it fall out gradually. Hence, after washing your hair, you should dry your hair as soon as possible to avoid degradation with the bonds.
  • Similarly, you shouldn’t apply oil or any oil-based serum on the bonds to hydrating your hair. Instead, hair spray could be good alternative, it is convenient and don’t harm the bonds.
  • Definitely be replaced regardless of still good bonds. Because of the Vietnam hair growth, the bonds are far from your scalp gradually and become visible with thinner hair layers. In that case, you should go to hair salon for hairstylists could help you to replace the bonds only. There’s no hair wasted.
  • Some customers complain about experiencing headache, discomfort or itchy scalp within a couple of days or weeks of application. This is not the fusion hair extensions’ fault! This uncomfortable could be caused by the hairstylists who lay the extension so close to your scalp and make your natural hair roots couldn’t move naturally. The headache could be resulted from pulling the bonds too much, you should braid your hair before going to bed and change your pillow into silk or satin materials.

All in all, pros and Cons of fusion hair extensions above hopefully help you in making the right decision in purchasing fusion hair extensions.

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