Hair Length Chart

Every girl wants to have long hair once in lifetime, and hair extensions can meet their needs perfectly. If you’re a newbie in the world of hair extensions and wondering about which hair length chart suits you, keep reading!
Products with different length will bring you a completely new appearance. Thus, Hair length is one of the most important factors you should consider. Currently, HarmonyHair offers hair extensions with the length ranging from 6 inches to 32 inches. However, we can make longer hair extensions based on customers’ requirements.

How to measure the hair lengths of MCSARA hair extension?

Remember that the way you measure your hair extensions will depend on kind of extensions you have. If you are using the curly or wavy textures, you won’t measure it the same way you would with straight hair.

Hair Extensions hair length chart

Straight Hair: Your hair will appear in its actual length. This is because there are no kinks or bends in your mane, resulting in strands that hang long. For example, if you have 12 inches of length, your hair will likely fall just past your shoulders.

Wavy Hair: Your hair may appear a tad shorter than it actually is. This is because you have a bit of a bend to your hair texture. So, if you have 12 inches of length, you’ll generally have a shoulder-length mane.

Curly Hair: Your hair will appear an inch or two shorter than it actually is since you have tighter kinks and coils throughout your mane. This means if you have 12 inches of length, your hair will fall about an inch or two above your shoulders.

There are three common categories in the hair length guide:

Short hair

It is from above the ear to the chin that is a suitable length for some short hairstyles like bob, pixie… It is up to 12 inches for straight tresses and 14-16 inches for waves and spirals.

  • 6 Inch Hair: Customers order 6 inch hair extensions for impressive short hair styles with weaves, clip in, keratin hair, etc.
  • 8 Inch Hair:  Chin length hair will look longer and thicker with 8 inch hair weaves.
  • 10 Inch Hair: tape in hair, weave hair or wig is approximately 25 centimeters in length so it is suitable for short or bob hairstyles.
  • 12 Inch Hair:  Natural hair length that reaches the chin or longer will be transformed into shoulder length hair with closures, frontal weave hair, etc.

Medium hair

The shoulder length is another name of medium-length hair, which is about 14 – 22inches for straight strands and up to 20 inches for curly ones.. It is super trendy and flatters just about any hair type.

  • 14 inch hair: it is about 35 centimeters which are long and beautiful enough to make your hair become impressive. As for girls who don’t want to have their adding hair which is too short or too long, 14 inch hair extensions can be the most suitable choice.
  • 16 inch hair: Natural hair length that reaches the shoulder or longer will be transformed into hair that extends past the collar bone.
  • 18 inch hair: If you want the length of hair extensions to reach the middle of your back or shorter, we recommend ordering the 18 inch weave hair plus closure 16 inch or frontal 18 inches hair.
  • 20 inch hair: Natural hair length that reaches the collar bone can be transformed into hair that extends to the middle of the back with 20 inch weave hair.
  • 22 inch hair: To be precise, the 22 inch is about 55 cm long. This means that for an averagely tall woman, the hair extension will go slightly below her mid-back. Anytime you want the hair to be a little longer than the middle back, use the 22-inch.

Long Hair

Armpit length or longer is also long-length hair. It is a style that simply doesn’t get old. From the past, long hair has been considered as the trademark of beauty, femininity, and fashion.

  • 24 Inch Hair: 24 inch wig can reach over your rib, even reach your waist if you are not too tall.
  • 26 Inch Hair: With this impressive length, 26 inch weaves, clip ins or wigs hair extensions can reach the waist of a girl with the standard body.
  • 28 Inch Hair: If you wear a wig with this length, these hair extensions can reach to your waist, even over if your body is not too tall.
  • 30 Inch Hair: Beautiful, long and smooth 30 inch clip ins, tape, lace frontal hair extensions can give your hair an ideal length which can reach your hip.
  • 32 Inch Hair: This is the longest hair extensions currently which can reach to your thigh.  The length of 80 cm hair weaves, clip ins, wigs will actually make you surprised with a Rapunzel look.