Micro ring hair extensions: What you should know

Human hair extensions have slowly become must-have items for any woman who wants their hair to look fuller, longer, or both. You can join the tribe of countless women who have discovered the secret to perfect hair using virgin untreated human hair extensions! No longer do we need to worry about short or thin hair. The reason why they suddenly become a non-issue is that adding volume and length to one’s hair is now easier than ever. All can be done when you have an insightful consultation and book an appropriate appointment with a qualified hair professional in the hair extensions space.

Hair Extensions Micro ring hair extensions What you should know

But what would work best for your limp or short hair you may ask? Well for many women, it turns out a more permanent solution like the micro ring or i-tip hair extensions is more beneficial than something like Clip-in hair extensions. We sat down with our wonderful friend, Emily Pham, who is the brand ambassador for Harmonyhair Vietnam. Emily will help us shed a light on the complicated world of hair extension terminology and the best practice one could consider in getting their best hair using the much-beloved micro ring/i-tip hair extensions.

What are micro ring hair extensions?

I-tips hair extensions are a type of hair extensions that can be attached to your real hair by flattening down the hair extension piece and one’s natural hair in microbeads or metal cylinders. While these i-tips strands are sometimes used interchangeably with micro links, they are not really the same thing.

Hair Extensions Micro ring hair extensions What you should know 1

“I-tips are technically not the same as micro links. They differ from micro-link because each tip is just an individual piece that is attached to a person’s natural hair. On the other hand, microlinks are something done with a wefted track”, says Emily.

Some facts you need to know when getting micro link hair installed

What is the cost of getting micro ring hair extensions?

“Micro ring hair is not necessarily cheap so anybody who is thinking of getting this type of hair should regard them as a long-term investment” Emily confessed to us. “The pricing scheme from most suppliers would fluctuate depending on the texture or length that ones are going to get. Here at Harmonyhair Vietnam, our salon customers order bundles based on weight so the number of strands in each bundle will depend on the length and the hair grade people are ordering. My customer usually gets 120-160 strands for each bundle. And the cost for one bundle starts at around $40. However, to the final consumer, this price will increase toward the 90$ range. Of course, it is not unheard of that if you want curly, coily texture, you should expect to pay more,” Emily explained the nuance of the pricing scheme.

Hair Extensions What is the cost of getting micro ring hair

But before we mention the price of the hairpiece. You should know the hair goals that you are trying to achieve. “If you only want to add volume to your natural hair then you should only need 50-100 pieces. If however, you want to add both length and volume to your manes, you need 150-200 pieces. However, it is not unheard of that a head will need 250 pieces. This is why it is imperative that you set up a consultation with your extensions specialist if you are intending to source your own hair extensions,” Emily told us emphatically. 

The installation process would require an additional fee and this would depend on the rate of your stylist. The normal rate in the US would usually fall between 250$ to 500$. Some hairstylists would charge by the bundle while others would count the number of pieces. The general rule of thumb is the more pieces you are installing, the longer it will take, so the process would require more money.

The convenience of micro-link hair extensions

Women love using I-tips because they are a great way to enhance their natural hair without blocking vital access to one’s scalp. Unlike more traditional methods like sew-in weaves or a quick weave, Micro ring hair doesn’t require you to braid down your hair to make a foundation for the hair extension to latch onto.

As there is no need for you to put your hair into braids or cornrows, there are fewer steps involved and you save on your precious time. “A sew-in process would typically require you to sit for 3-6 hours to get things done while a micro-link installation only needs an hour and a half to two hours at most.” Emily gave out her estimation. 

This free access to your scalp also means that your hair has much greater mobility when compared to other forms of hair extensions. “The hair can easily move means that one can put the hair in various styling without worrying that the weft track or tape will show. If you love putting your hair in a high bun or a ponytail, this form of hair extensions can give you a great sense of peace and freedom,” Emily adds.

Harmonyhair Vietnam offering also allows the hair owner to treat their hair as they would treat their real hair. This is great since you can style your hair with heat and/or easily do some color technique like dyeing, hand painting, balayage. You can wash, blow-dry, straighten or curl your hair just as you normally would treat your natural hair.

Who should and shouldn’t get micro-link hair extensions?

Micro-link hair extensions are not hard to recommend to people of all hair textures. Whether you got super kinky hair, curly hair, or straight hair, there is always some sort of texture out there that would match your I-tip hair extensions. Even if you don’t get what you were hoping for, you can always try to further adjust the texture by using a curling iron or a flat iron.

There is a group of women that Emily thinks might not be the suitable candidate for I-tips. “ Those who have weak and fragile hair, as well as women who suffer from thinning issues might not be the right candidate for this type of hair,” Emily confessed. The reason she gave us is that those with a thinning issue or weak hair root shouldn’t burden their already fragile hair with the extra weight of micro-link hair.

Hair Extensions Who should and shouldnt get micro link hair

Another thing that one should keep in mind is that Micro-link also requires people to have a certain length in terms of natural hair, to make it work. Emily said people should be crystal clear about their objective: ”If you have a super short bob, I don’t think I-tips will be the right choice for you. Some short hair should only contemplate getting it if they want volume. Adding too much length into a head full of short hair is quite a challenge and the results can be downright unrealistic. This is why nothing you read online really can replace the role of a firm and caring hair extensions specialist. If you want instant length, maybe a sew-in or a wig will be a more viable option,” Emily carefully explains her opinion.

Where can one get good quality Micro-link?

Harmonyhair Vietnam has always been our first choice when we want to get the best quality for hair extensions fitted for professionals and end-consumers alike. I tips hair are easy to learn and you can easily find a licensed professional in your neighborhood. However, a good specialist alone is not enough. It should also be coupled with the best hair extension quality. 

What Harmonyhair Vietnam excels in is its ability to streamline this process and help you find out the best hair exactly tailored to your needs. Having a group of agents who are highly motivated and are willing to take ownership of their client’s needs is what makes their service so unique and wonderful. Get into contact with Emily and other wonderful agents at Harmonyhair Vietnam to be entitled to a new client’s discount. Alternatively, you can also just visit their website and get in touch through their contact form.

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