Terms & Conditions

Always pay attention to customer’s satisfaction, Harmony Hair wants to bring to our clients the most beautiful hair extensions at all times. Either you are wholesale customer or retail customer, we all welcome and consult in an enthusiastic way.

Harmony Hair would like to listen to customer’s preference to improve our service, products and more. Not like supplier, we want to be a prestigious distributer that you can count on and purchase good hair extensions.

If you are craving for high-quality hair extensions, don’t hesitate to contact us and let we share with you about your consideration and interactive communication.

Pre-sale service

Harmony Hair makes sure of our hair extensions. They are all in good in quality and made of 100% Vietnam remy hair. We definitely don’t use synthetic strand to formulate hair extensions for sure.

  1. Good high-quality hair extensions: hair extensions are supervised from production step to distribution.
  2. Always ready for consulting: our professional employees are always ready for letting you know more about products at any time in a day.
  3. Reply immediately: when you make an order to us, we will reply to you promptly to save your effort and time.
  4. Tracking service: we are sure of tracking number which we sent you when you receive hair extensions.

After-sale service

  1. Service guarantee: if you have any problem with packages, please contact us to find out exact reason.
  2. Support in time: We always try our best to solve your consideration.
  3. Good return policy: we are supplying good return policy within 7 days in case you are not satisfied with hair extensions, especially mistake from us such as: non-artificial damaged, send wrong type, color or length in common.
  4. Professional after-sale service: Even when you received hair extensions, you are absolutely received the best return service as well as exchange.


When Harmony Hair takes delivery of our hair extensions, it means that: we make sure of its quality. We are not responsible for any damage from outside factors.

In case you get trouble with shipping service or delivery, please feel ease and contact us. Harmony Hair wants to minimize the risk of product damage at all times.

Harmony Hair highly recommends you to check out carefully packages immediately when you received hair extensions for instance: color, length, quality, accessories, etc…We always care for your feedback to improve quality and prestige.