Top 3 Korean Hairstyles 2021

“Hallyu movement” is a phrase to imply the quick fame of Korean culture including cuisine, entertainment, etc worldwide. Undoubtedly, this culture has born many trends to the world beauty within last 2 decades. Among them, we cannot forget about Korean hairstyles.

If you are interested in Korean dramas and K-pop, you usually see their actresses and idols with trendy and attractive hairstyles publicly. No matter how they braid, make a simple bun or even put hair down, girls from this country always look amazing.

Therefore, today, Harmony Hair will show you a list of hairdo from Korea which will definitely inspire you!

Hair Extensions Top 3 Korean Hairstyles 2021 1

Korean short hairstyles

If you are looking for a short haircut, these Korean short hairstyles below will be exactly what you are looking for. Asian hairstyles in general and Korean hairstyles in particular have already experienced an enormous change year by year and gradually claimed its position on the top trendiest hairstyle list in the world.

Hair Extensions Top 3 Korean Hairstyles 2021 2

Simple but still attractive, Short bob with side parting is an eye-catching Korean hairstyle. Thanks to the curled hair ends, the haircut embraces your face beautifully. No matter what face frame you own, it cover your weakness such as round face, edgy aspects, and so on. By hiding one hair part behind your ear, you easily get an mild and feminine look. To highlight your short bob, create some layers. The layer haircut is always fashionable and voluminous. Hence, if you have thin hair, it is absolutely your perfect match.

Hair Extensions Top 3 Korean Hairstyles 2021 3

Besides, short wavy haircut is one of the best cute and charming hairstyles Korean short hairstyles for round faces. This haircut goes well with different hair color and outfit style. If you don’t want to use chemical to curl your natural hair, you can completely give your hair a wavy effect using hair curly iron and hairspray to keep those waves in shape. Or else, you can consider heatless method for wavy and curly hair.

Hair Extensions Top 3 Korean Hairstyles 2021 4

Needless to say, bangs brings in a brand new look for sure. However, should you get bangs when you have small forehead? The wispy bangs in the photo are absolutely the best answer. Even though you have an round face or oval face or even heart-shape, this fringe is for you. Don’t hesitate, let’s try it and you will fall for it immediately. This hairstyle is an aging trick to get 3-year-old younger  look!

Korean medium hairstyles

Hair Extensions Top 3 Korean Hairstyles 2021 5

Medium hairstyles are quite popular in Korean since people always follow trend of K-pop styles and fashion. IU, one of the most famous Korean singer and actress makes a strong impression with the shoulder length hair which is quite simple but still attractive. By coloring her hair with soft brown color, the hairstylist is successful to create a naive and young look for the singer.

Hair Extensions Top 3 Korean Hairstyles 2021 6

Straight side part hair with long side bangs can be seen the most popular one in Korean. This hairstyle is really simple and easy to take care as well. What you need is just cut your hair, leave some bangs and enjoy! If your hair is short, you can try some kind of hair extensions or wigs for an instant length to reach this look without harming your natural tress.

Hair Extensions Top 3 Korean Hairstyles 2021 7

Instead of boring straight hair, loose wavy Korean hairstyles will rock your hair up fantastically. You will get a strong feminine sense with the soft, elegant and graceful waves. This hairstyle can easily goes with different colors which still brings in the best result. Don’t stay in one style, let’s try some highlights or even balayage for a dimensional tress.

We all know how bangs affect our appearance. Medium hair with bangs is also one of the most graceful Korean hairstyles that you should try once in life. 2 types of bangs that are most beloved for this hair length are long bangs and fine front bangs.

Hair Extensions Top 3 Korean Hairstyles 2021 8

Long bangs are always loved by Korean girls. In general, to have the best version of this hairstyle, you should make a middle-parted hair to create a balance in your  face. This trend is also popular among Asian women thanks to the charming appearance it brings in. The end of hair is curled a little bit to make hair look natural and fluffy. Also, the curled bangs soften your look and make your face slimmer and prettier.

Hair Extensions Top 3 Korean Hairstyles 2021 9

Korean long hairstyles

In comparison with short hair and medium hair, long hairstyle is less popular in Korean beauty because it is hard to take care and uncomfortable when dancing. However, as other Asia countries, you can see that many Korean women walk down street with long hair. Simply let the hair down, they attract people’s eyes with natural beauty and exude their characteristics along with their out fit.

Hair Extensions Top 3 Korean Hairstyles 2021 10

Korean idols, who usually transform their hair to fit the concept of their songs or roles, are making long hair become trendier all over the world. Long body wavy combined with brunette color, people couldn’t take their eyes off Yoona even she just worn natural make-up. If you follow her, you can see many versions of Yoona with this hair length, from straight to wavy. To have these Korean hairstyles as your bias celebrities, you don’t need to go to hair salon for curls, just do it by yourself with hot tools because the simplest can be the prettiest.

Hair Extensions Top 3 Korean Hairstyles 2021 11

Provided that you are following a mature and sexy style, long layered hair can help for Korean long hairstyles. Undoubtedly, EXID – Jung Hwa is successful with this image. The long black hair tones her skin  and round face amazingly. She even looks younger with it thanks to natural makeup. Although she gets a middle-parted long bangs, she seems to prefer the free part tress.

Hair Extensions Top 3 Korean Hairstyles 2021 12

Never having a fixed image, K-Pop stars need to change their hair color a lot. Hani – an excellent and humorous single from EXID is not out of that circle. This adorable idol always appear to the public with her own impressive style that often make trend among Asian. Let’s take a look to her remarkable ombre with light blue style. It’s not only beautiful but also rebellious somehow.

Hair Extensions Top 3 Korean Hairstyles 2021 13

Through this Korean hairstyles list, Harmony Hair believe that you already got one hairstyle for your own. Let’s ready to change your appearance to see how beautiful you are! If you like medium or long hair or colored-hair but don’t want to apply chemicals or dyes directly on your hair, you can completely try human hair extensions which are safe and various in color, textures and size as well.

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