Top 7 Amazing Images of Cotton Candy Hair Color

What hairstyles and hair colors do you expect is this autumn? Bright and vivid hair color plays a virtual key to transform girls’ appearance and help them look outstanding. There are numerous colorful hair trends currently, but cotton candy color is considered one of the best pigment dyes. Amazing hair color such as cotton candy make your life so bright. From stunning pastel to vivid soft shades, cotton candy colors will bring girls unique and gorgeous look. Be ready to light up your style with them!

1. Mermaid hair with cotton candy blue

Why don’t you try mermaid cotton candy blue hair once in your life? It can’t be denied that girls never say no to pastel blue due to its gorgeous look. This hair color seems to match well with warm tones and look perfect with mermaid hairdo. The slight weaves make girl’s hairstyle so voluminous. Now all you need is ready to obtain this pigment and looks so trendy. Are you ready to show off your dreamy but lively appearance?

Hair Extensions Mermaid hair with cotton candy blue


2. Lovely Candy Mermaid

Are you a big fan of pink pigment? It can be said that pink is pure pastel color which is suitable with undertones. Cotton candy pink hair looks totally romantic and this style is suitable for a princess. If you are thinking about this hairdo, lovey cotton candy pink hair will be the best choice for you.

This hair color matches well with both daily occasion and fashionable style. Looking at this picture, Maisie Williams the female actress in the movie Game of Thrones appeared in Paris Fashion Week with a trendy dress and cotton candy hair. She looked like a princess and other girls were jealous with the classy but elegant beauty. Due to this shade of pink hair, Maisie Williams showed of her colorful but fashionable hairdo.

Hair Extensions Lovely Candy Mermaid

3. Hair braid with rainbow hair

What things do you expect from rainbow cotton candy hair? Having said that this hair dye can be suitable with various hairdo. If curly hair is not your choice, braid rainbow hair will meet your expectation. Even your skin tone is warm or cool, cotton candy color promises to bring you classy and fashionable look. In this picture, the girl has long braided hair and blue clothes. She is so trendy due to this hair dye. Everything you need to gain this style is confident with your appearance and choose it.

Hair Extensions Hair braid with rainbow hair

4. Cotton candy dyed hair

What will cross your mind when you think about Nicki Minaj? The female rapper always appears in a dynamic personality look and this time was no exception. Nicki’s hair color looks like a rainbow and she looks so sexy and attractive in this picture. Even though Nicki has dark skin tone, she is still outstanding and other people are struck by her charming. Do you like rainbow shade? Hurry up and be ready to gain this hair color.

Hair Extensions Cotton candy dyed hair

5. Before getting cotton candy hair

Cotton candy is likely a dream hair from the fairytale and every girl is crazy about it. This shade is suitable for lovely and dreamy style. However, just as other light hair color trends you have to bleach your natural hair. If your hair is dark base color, you will have to take extra sessions to achieve your desirable hair shade. Cotton candy hair is adorable, so are you ready to obtain this hair shade?

Hair Extensions Before getting cotton candy hair

6. Bob hair with cotton candy pigment

One of the best thing about cotton candy pigment is that it can look perfect on both long or short hair. Girls no longer worry about the hair length when they consider choosing this hair color. The multi-color combination of hair gives off elegant beauty for girls.

Hair Extensions Bob hair with cotton candy pigment
Portrait of a woman with bright colored flying hair, all shades of purple. Hair coloring, beautiful lips and makeup. Hair fluttering in the wind. Sexy girl with short hair. Professional coloring


7. Ice-cream-like colored hair

The truth is that cotton candy colored hair perfectly fits with not only women but also men. If you are interested in K-pop, you might know RM from BTS the famous boy band currently. He is typical example for unisex beauty of cotton candy hair. RM is inspired by ice cream for his hair color. It can’t be denied that he is outstanding in this hair color. The pigment of this amazing hair shade brings you inspiration to start a new day. So, what do you think about ice-cream hair of RM?

Hair Extensions Ice cream like colored hair

It can be said that the hair color gives off various charismatic beauty. So, how do you think about the idea of cotton candy hair? If you enjoy this post and want to find more writing like that, please follow us and give your comment below.

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