Why would you want a closure for their weave

Lace frontals and other forms of closures have enjoyed crazy popularity recently. Their popularity should not puzzle people since they are the ultimate method to achieve flawless hairline and a seamless, natural look. If you happen to need a lace piece that can complete your look and help you “finish” your wigs and weaves, then this article is written with you in mind.

We will go through all the different types of hair closures so you will end up with a  crystal clear idea for the right kind of closures that your weave needs.

Why would you want a closure for their weave?

Closures, in general, can be used in two ways. You can put closures on top of your hair in cornrows or you can put them a bit behind your hairline which will mean there will be a small leave-out part. The closure is perfect if you want to protect your natural hair and your hairline but this is especially true when you wear them as a protective style. If you decide to go with a bit of hair left out, then you should expect that your hairline will eventually suffer from heat damage in the long run.

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People can use closures in both a wig or in a sew-in setup. In both of these cases, the closures work to resemble the wearer’s scalp so that the whole hair unit will look natural as if the hair were growing from the scalp itself. Closures come in a variety of sizes, form factors, and materials but their purposes are always the same.

Three different types of hair closures

There are three different types of closures: 

  • Lace closures
  • Lace frontals
  • 360 lace frontals

Let’s go into details about what each of these different types of weave closures means anđ why someone may choose them over the other.

Lace frontal

What is a lace frontal?

Lace frontal pieces can work well with sew-in or glued installations. Lace frontals work in your favor by making your whole look become more natural. The standard size that you can find lace closure is 4 inches by 13 inches. They are made to go from ear to ear. Lace closure gives you great hairstyles versatility because you can easily pull off many different hairstyles from a low bun, side part look, middle part look. Lace frontal also happens to be the most popular form of closures for people to choose when making wigs.

Benefits of lace frontal

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Frontal affords users to have much more styling versatility. This means the hair can be put up in various ways and you don’t have to worry that you will show off some weft tracks.

If you want to part your hair to the right one day then to the left the next, lace frontal can help you make it work. This will be impossible if you only have a lace closure. Wherever the frontal sit, you can part your hair there. Due to the maximum amount of hair mobility this sort of closure gives, it can be easy to understand why many girls just can’t get enough of lace frontal.

Drawbacks of lace frontal 

A lace frontal is much more complicated to install. The reason why is because the lace frontal takes up a big portion of your head. Even when you have figured out how to make your lace frontal fit to your hairline, and make sure they are flat, you still are not done yet. You have to remember to customize your lace front so that it looks as natural as possible. You may need to pluck to customize the hairlines, bleach the knot and make use of makeup and concealer to best blend your frontal

Lace closure

What is lace closure?

A lace closure is a square piece of lace that measures 4 by 4 inches in size. You mostly use this, as the name implies, to close off your wig. A person would most likely use lace closure so that they can wear protective styles underneath and don’t have to deal with leave out. 

Lace closures can have several different part patterns. The lace closure can be three-part, free part, or middle part. The free part will let you part your hair however you want which means this is the best hair closures for girls who want something cheap and fuss-free.

Benefits of lace closure

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A lace closure is so easy to install and maintain, they take little work to finish off your wigs and weaves. If you want the easiest kind of closure or you are a newbie, we recommend you start with lace closure, since the install and maintenance feel more manageable. The limit of the 4 by 4 space that lace closure gives also happens to be their strength. Since lace closure doesn’t take up much space you can add as many bundles as you want and adjust your density of hair weaves to your liking.

For lace frontal, most suppliers put forth a limit on the length while this is almost non-existent with lace closure. If you want a waist-length sew-in look, a lace closure might be the better and more accessible option.

Drawbacks of lace closure

Since the space for parting is more limited compared to a 360 lace closure or frontal, you will not be able to adjust your parting too liberally or the side of your front will start to look fake. Not only does lace closure limit your styling capacity, but it also may not fit as snugly as lace frontal. Since there is little customization with this type of product, we think you should measure your head in the right method to be able to select the most appropriate closure wig.

360 Lace frontal

What is 360 lace frontal? 

Of all the different types of weave closures, 360 lace frontal is a newer kid on the block. In and of itself, 360 lace frontal is still a lace piece. The difference is that they are made like a headband where hair strands are attached to them. This means that the 360 frontal closure covers the whole hairlines, from the front to the back plus the sides. 360 lace closures are the best hair closures if what you aim for is the most natural look that replicates your hairline. The flexibility that these closures afford us wig lovers is second to none.

Why should you choose 360 lace frontal over the other two types?

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There is an abundance of reasons why anybody might want to go for an all-around lace wig. If you love wearing your hair in a ponytail, you shouldn’t waste your time with any other different types of hair closure. You will never have to worry about unkempt hairlines anymore if you decide to go with 360 lace frontal.

If you are somebody who loves to get creative with your baby hair, that is another point for 360 lace closures since they easily let you access your whole hairline without worrying about weft tracks.

Another advantage that is commonly cited as to why a girl wants all-around lace frontal is that they let women do any styles they want with their hair! Whether that is braiding or twists, you can count on a 360 lace closure wig install.

The number 1 factor that affects the final results of lace closures installs and similar items is the hair professionals doing the work. Besides this, you should also get the best hair quality within your budget. This will ensure that the hair remains bouncy and retain its sheen and smoothness long after you open your package. If you want the best Remy hair money can buy, do check out the Luxshine store.

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